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Who We Are

As a young man in the 1960's, Wilmore A. Coco Jr. worked for a paint store that expanded into offering Floor Coverings. "Coco" literally sold carpet door to door, going from builder to builder, hauling samples around in the backseat of his car. He loved customer service so much that he decided to open his own store in 1973. Coco and his dad built the store's building on family land on Greenwell Springs Rd. Coco's children, Tatia, Dub, and Jamie grew up with the business. Living directly behind the business their entire childhood, they spent every extra moment at the store helping whenever and wherever their father allowed. "We swept floors, warehouse, parking lot and I was digging up floors as young as 14", Dub recalls. 

The Flood of 2016

Coco's Floor Coverings flooded, along with Coco's home. Most of the displaced family members moved in with Tatia. One small building on the company site got minimal damage so they were able to get back in business within a few days and begin helping people. "They'd come in broken and when they walked out whole again I'd feel a little more whole myself," Tatia recalls. Helping them helped us. We had some good, good amazing moments in the middle of that awful stuff. " I know it strengthened us because we have an even greater appreciation for what it means to have a beautiful home," Tatia Added. 

How We Can Help